10 Amazing Tips To Stop Wasting Money When Shopping For Food

At some point, you may have noticed that you tend to spend too much money on food. Well, we all know that food is an essential element of our life… we can’t live without food. But the fact is that millions of people in the world tend to overexaggerate with the quantity of food. The result is that people buy food without actually knowing if they will eat it or not.

This bad habit has its negative consequences, as you may imagine: you spend more money than you need to which will make your wallet “suffer” by the end of the month!

Become Wiser With Your Grocery Shopping Choices!

Nothing is lost forever! You have plenty of chances to learn how to save money. For example, you can use online coupons for your purchases. It’s all about changing your current habits and becoming a little more open-minded about the opportunity to “resist” the temptation of buying delicious yet useless foods.

Our towns and cities are actually full of groceries and supermarkets that sell an immense variety of foods of all types. It’s hard not to look at certain foods when in a grocery, as the producers put all their efforts to make their products look really irresistible.

Straight to the point – use our money-saving tips to cut off useless wastes of food (and of money, too!):

  1. If you go shopping for food when you are hungry, you will certainly spend more in the grocery than you should. So, try to shop on a full stomach if you want to buy only foods that you actually want to eat.

  2. Sometimes groceries offer a terribly large variety of foods that consumers end up buying over and over… do something smart: prepare a list of food that you have to buy and stick to it.shopping for food

  3. Children aren’t the “best allies” when it comes to shopping for food. They ask their parents or grandparents to buy everything that looks tasty! Avoid to take them with you if you want to avoid to buy a mountain of chocolate and candies.

  4. Planning meals is a very good idea to know in advance what you need to buy for your menu.

  5. Many people think that shopping every day is a good idea to get fresh food. Well, the best option would be to shop twice a week, you will still eat fresh fruits and vegetables without spending too much money.

  6. It’s been seen that when people shop for food when they are tired or stressed out they tend to buy more than they have to. If you feel that way, just avoid to go out for shopping.

  7. Today we all have plenty of choices when it comes to the best groceries and where to shop. In your town, you surely have different options, too. Choose to shop at groceries that offer the best prices and discounts.

  8. Probably, you think that saving money on food is a matter of shopping only. Not at all! You can help yourself save money if you learn how to store different foods the correct way. If you don’t eat some fresh foods within a few days, they will become a ton of rubbish to throw away for you. Wrap foods correctly and learn specific storage tips for each type of fresh food.

  9. Another thing which impacts your style to shop for food is the way your fridge looks like. Clean out it at least once in a week in order to have in it only good foods. Many people tend to put cans and other containers in their fridge. It’s not the best habit as cans might give you the impression to have the fridge full of food, whereas it’s only full of almost-empty cans!

  10. In certain areas where there aren’t any groceries nearby, people tend to buy food in stocks. It’s essential that you keep a list of what you buy before to store all that food in a cool and dry place. This will help you see what you have and what you need to buy week after week.

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Android n developer preview: All you need to know

The Android N developer preview is out and it is as good as anticipated. Google has though surprisingly released its Android N developer preview much earlier than expected. The major reason behind it is to incorporate the suggestions of the developers in the final version of Android N. This OS is compatible with Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9, and Pixel C.  For these devices one can easily install the developer preview and also from this year onwards the updates to the developer preview shall be pushed over the air just like the stable builds. Google did not fail to mention that the released features are not the only features in this version of Android and more features will be added over the time.


Amongst the changes in this version of Android, we have first of all the “direct reply notification”, wherein the developers can allow the users to reply to the messages straight from the notifications. Earlier, on receiving a notification you had to go to the particular app in order to reply to the message but now you can easily reply to the text from the notification bar itself. Android N also provides the feature of bundling together the features from the same App, together.


After Windows and IOS, Google has finally stocked its Android N version with the split screen view. This feature in the developer preview works mostly with the Google Apps.  This feature isn’t that useful on a Smartphone, however it can work very well on a tablet.


Further with Android Marshmallow, Google has introduced an improved doze feature, wherein the background activities are stopped when the display is off even if the device is not stationary. Amazing feature! Isn’t it? Thus this feature has been enhanced to save more and more of battery power. Another important feature which the developers can look forward to is the improved Java 8 language support.


The settings app has also undergone some advanced changes. All the main menu items have a description below, so the battery menu will show you the remaining battery, the storage menu will show the remaining storage. There are some new options also available, such as the data saver, which reduces the consumption of the data for the background apps when one is using data pack instead of using Wi-Fi.


At the end with all the new amazing features and the features that are yet to be added to this version, the major surprise is still that what funky name does the N stand for, hopefully nothing too sweet this time.



How do content and digital media build up a brand?


It is rightly said that “content without strategy makes the web lame.” While creating killer content which is clear, compelling and concise is the key but without proper tactics of digital marketing this key won’t be able to unlock the door to reach a wider audience. Writing compelling, visual content that not only appeals to the reader but also speaks out an informative story is very much required for its virality. It is of great importance to focus on the content that draws the maximum amount of traffic to the website, but with the correct marketing tactic because if content is the queen then marketing is the king to the kingdom of your business. Hence killer content and Digital Marketing go hand in hand. The following points demonstrate how compelling content with the proper methodologies of the digital media drives businesses forward digitally.


For example, say if you have an online portal to provide used medical equipments on sale or lease, then  through the following points we shall demonstrate that how content and digital media will help you grow your business.


  • SEO KEYWORDS – With powerful content which is inclusive of SEO keywords you can reach your target audience and thus increase your reach and popularity. So considering the example of a portal that sells used medical equipments online, SEO keywords, such as ‘used medical equipments’, ‘medical equipments for sale’, ‘medical equipments for lease’ are effective keywords which need to be formulated into the content so that whenever the user types such keywords on the available search engines he is able to reach to your site.
  • RELEVANT CONTENT – If you produce and post content which is relevant in a manner that it is both entertaining and informative, on the various social media marketing (digital )channels then it will not only increase the number of people reaching your website but also will be a great boost to your ROI. Here taking the example of our portal of used medical equipments, one needs to write content which revolves around the healthcare industry and informs the individuals about the technological innovations, advancements being done in the industry or the market of used medical equipments in India.
  • ENGAGING CONTENT – The digital marketing tools or channels are a great option to market your brand and reach audiences worldwide. If you produce engaging content then these channels can be easily used to increase the number of likes and shares on your posts and drive the traffic to your blog or website. For our used medical equipments portal the content should be so compelling that it engages the targeted audiences by presenting info and data of their interest.
  • PLANNED POSTING OF CONTENT – If strategically engaging and entertaining content is replaced over with the old content in a time period which is pre decided then it manifests itself into a plan for digital marketing through content strategy. Your readers will know when the next post is likely to be updated and shall wait for it eagerly if you produce content that not only is well written but also use graphics to make the post visually appealing.
  • VERSATILE CONTENT – For a powerful content strategy which you wish to implement through digital marketing it is absolutely necessary to produce versatile content. Producing and posting the same type of content will not enhance your customer reach however if you produce variety of content on social media marketing channels it will increase your reach and create a brand name for you. Even when it comes to our example of used medical equipment’s portal, posting the content of the same type every time will not drive new visitors, however a content which talks about all the areas of the Healthcare domain from time to time shall drive varied interests of all people and hence more traffic.
  • VISUAL CONTENT – A survey revealed that content which has more visuals, pictures and graphical information is more likely to get viral on social media as well as is more engaging to the user. A study reveals that the no. of retweets of tweets containing graphic images is more than those containing just texts, though the latter is 7% more in use than the former. So if we only post content of used medical equipments online and do not post any pictures it will not have so much reach but if a no. of pictures of the equipments is posted then it shall encourage more people to visit the site.
  • USE OF HASHTAGS – Introduction of hashtag has made it possible to track an activity across various social media platforms and hence it can be used as an effective way to help users find our content through hashtags when it comes to digital marketing. Here in our example of the online portal use of hashtags such as #healthcareindustry # usedmedicalequipments shall be useful.
  • BACK-LINKS – Adding back-links to your content helps your blog visitors to visit your website and thus indirectly increase the traffic in your website.


Thus both, illuminating content and the advanced field of Digital Marketing can help you grow your business by ten-folds and build-up a brand name for your business. Thus to produce engaging content and to direct it to the target audience is instrumental to draw the attention of the reader and establish a successful marketing strategy.