MWF built this website to provide the facility to the site visitors for online donations to non-profit organizations. We also directly integrated it with the backend system using Content Management System, to keep a track of the donation aim, the donation amount, information of the people making the donation etc. thus keeping the database accurate and up to date

MWF created the Give Central App for its client in USA. This App allows you the ease to make payments to NGO’s and churches online. It gives you a track record of the history of your past payments and also provides you with a confirmation once the transaction is done, at the click of a button. It also allows you one time guest payment without registering yourself on the App.

Features of Give Central App -
  • Payment Monitoring
  • Simplified Administration
  • Avoids Redundancies
  • Payment Scheduling
  • Earmark Giving
  • Transaction Confirmations
  • Payment Monitoring
  • Payment Security
  • Universally Acceptable