Web and Enterprise Portals

MWF is a one stop solution for you to provide web and enterprise portal building. Our organization builds up interactive portals with social media mechanisms. We can build up Intranet, Extranet and Internet portals for you that are tailored in accordance to your needs and we continuously improve it by the integration of fresh modules.

Public Portals

We succeed at gathering, consolidating and Moving data and information towards the users By providing them with e-commerce features, Enhanced search options and social media Networks connectivity.

Enterprise Portals

we excel at building enterprise portals that accelerate your business and also provide access to corporate information such as corporate news and events Corporate policies, business data etc

We have expertise in building up of the following portals –
  • News and Entertainment Portal
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Collaboration portal
  • Community portals and social networks
  • Knowledge Management
  • Customer and product support portal
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketplace
  • HR & BI Portal

Content and Document Management

We provide Content and Document Management solutions to organizations and these solutions are intended to help the businesses manage and distribute information faster and much more efficiently.Taking into consideration your needs and requirements, we provide you with the best possible solution so whether it be a corporate website to communicate with your clients or a knowledge based portal for your employees on Intranet, we are the best trouble-shooters for it.

As per your requirements we integrate modules to manage your data efficiently and give you the best possible solution in accordance with your needs and budget.

Social Networking Software

We develop innovative and interactive web applications for Social Networking sites. With the amalgamation of features, tools and technology, we provide ground breaking results in the field of Social Communication. Despite the dominance of the popular social media sites present today such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we feel that there is a lot of scope of entry of new players into this domain.

MWF, can be your one stop vendor for the following –

Creation of on-line communities – We create on-line communities with the best aesthetics and in it we integrate the most popular social networking tools. So if you have any such project in mind MWF technologies is the best vendor to consider for it.

Social commerce – MWF can build up an e-commerce platform for you that involves social media to provide social interactions and customer feedbacks to make online buying and selling of products much more interactive.

Online service – If you are planning to launch a business to provide online servicing then we can make it fully social for you by integrating it with social media plug-ins and tools to provide the best UI and UX.

We use PHP technology and generic as well as advanced tools to provide our clients with a user friendly Social Networking experience.

Ecommerce and online payments

MWF provides tailored solutions catering to your needs for building up of online market places and integrating payment processing system to it.
So, whether it is a food ordering portal or a portal selling consumer products, we have vast experience and expertise in building it.

Business Intelligence and data mining

Our experts have a vast experience in designing a convenient and productive BI environment to provide end to end BI solutions to the consumers including enterprise BI portals and data quality management solutions.
We design BI solutions that allow access to business data for internal uses, this helps in maintaining operational transparency.
We can also add BI tools and online reporting system to your website and these tools can be made available to the users through subscriptions or as a free service.

Business process automation

MWF provides efficient and transparent business process management by developing implementing and integrating enterprise web solutions thus enabling our clients to reach their goals with lesser efforts and increased efficiency using technology platforms such as PHP, .NET, Java.
BPA is a tough and challenging task however we use our knowledge of business expertise and out technological skills in order to tackle with it.

MWF covers the following expertise to provide a smooth BPA –
  • Workflow automation
  • Task management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Document Management
  • Existing customer Management
  • Existing partner Management
  • Corporate Intranets and Extranets

Media content distribution

MWF helps media, entertainment and information service companies to make their content more productive and engaging and to increase the return on it by providing them with high end content management and distribution tools.
We have vast experience in building up of online media content storage and digital asset management systems that can easily be accessed via web browsers and mobile applications.

Digital asset management
  • Content digitization, encoding and encryption
  • Electronic signing
  • Content, components and metadata management
  • Comprehensive full-text and meta-data search and retrieval
  • Content conversion and repurposing
  • ETL solutions
Not just this, our team helps you acquire, aggregate, deliver this digital content and promote it across various platforms and make it accessible to the users via options such as subscriptions.

E-learning and Online training

E-learning and online training has in the present times gained a lot of importance all thanks to the advancements in the field of technology, which have made it possible to sit and learn from any corner of the world.
Thus fully supporting this new way of learning, MWF can help your business model succeed by developing e-learning products for you that allow knowledge propagation along with providing an effective, interactive, exciting and engaging way of learning.

    • Custom templates that ease online learning
    • Solutions for support of different methods of presenting information such as text and media illustration, animation, audio, video.
    • Content Management options
    • Customized test bank organizer software, that provides test creation
    • Instant messaging option for users and organizers
    • Database storage of students info, test results, attendance etc
    • Statistical tracking of progress of the student
    • Interactive content and applications