5 Digital Marketing Lessons Learnt from Harvey Specter of Suits

He is smart, intelligent and an excellent lawyer, but above all, he is a man with principles who wants to win every case that comes his way in an integral manner (Yes, that is correct). With Season 6 ended in September and we all are eagerly waiting for the next season, here are a few lessons that every digital marketer needs to learn from Harvey Specter.



Ok there is no gun at your head and you are not going to die. Also no need to think of the 146 ways but the outline message is clear and simple – “Think outside of box”. In the dynamic business environment when every company is trying to widen its online presence, all you need to be is innovative and find that one way to be different from others.




A bang on lesson, he gave there. With millions of pages and websites online, how long you think anybody has to give you. May be a few seconds. In such short span of time, all that can save you is your first impression, be it your website or your page. So out your best foot forward and identify the areas that would help you put an awesome first impression.



Although he used it in a completely different and emotionless context but an important lesson to fetch from this quote is take one step at a time. Dream big but act small achieving one goal at a time. Formulate a timeline and set goals that are achievable. Becoming a million page overnight is not possible. You are not Kayne West after all. So be realistic, set your goals and work towards them one step at a time.



We are talking about the ethics over here. Digital marketing is the most transparent form of marketing there could ever be. Everything is right there in front of customer and hence you can’t falsify your work. You work and it will show and your business will grow. You can’t have success without working towards it, something that is beautifully quoted by our lovely Harvey.




He has won many battles outside of the courtroom. He is a firm believer of out of court settlement and this teaches us something in digital marketing. Wondering what is it? It says, “Do not sit back and wait for the algorithms to change either in your favor or take you down completely”. Stay ahead in trend and keep a track of what is happening around you. This does not mean enter the rat race and do what others are doing. It says follow the speculations and plan a future strategy in advance.

Another Lucrative Year for Startups - The 13 top funded Fintech startups in India (Infographic)

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”
–Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay Cosmetics Founder

Technology is spreading its tentacles in every sector at an unprecedented pace. From bank transfers to loans, to payments, the financial sector is not untouched by this effect either. This year could be safely regarded as a good year for these fintech startups. Here is a list of 13 top funded fintech startups of 2016.


Common E-commerce mistakes that leads to loss of Business

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.

It’s our job every day to make every aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

-Jeff Benzos

CEO, Amazon


Online shopping has reached every nook and corner of the country. It is no more restricted to the bourgeoisie or the middle and educated class. It has penetrated the rural walls and has become a household act. People in the remotest of the areas have started shopping online not even for big things but also the basics.


Online stores have become a necessity if you want to grow your business. Many retail stores have understood its potential and have opened their stores. Many are on the verge of starting their business online. But how to stand apart and get what actually is important that is drive traffic to your online store. Here are some mistakes which you need to avoid at all cost if you really want to sell online.


  1. Not adding logo. Logo is the identity of your company and the first impression. Not adding one could be the biggest and gravest mistake one could imagine.
  2. Failing to portray a clear value proposition and unique features which are prime sources to create awareness as to why people should buy from your store.
  3. A complicated navigation. Your customer does not have whole day to invest in trying to understand your website.
  4. Improper or no SEO. “The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google Search Result.” Your online store is as good as closed if you are not trying to rise up the search ladder.
  5. Improper information in About us and Contact us pages. Your customer wants to know you. At this stage if you are not giving him proper information, he would leave to never come back.
  6. Making the registration compulsory. How would it matter if you allow the first order to be a guest purchase. It poses good impression and shows that you care.
  7. Poor description of the product or poor images of the product. Imagine yourself as a customer. Would you buy a product online if you are not given detailed description about it? No Right? Don’t expect your customers to be super kind.
  8. Giving a blank page on the search result page. You should always suggest the substitutes for the product they searched for.
  9. Making unnecessary popups.
  10. Adding unexpected shipping charges at the last stage. Rather you should everything in the beginning so that your customer can make an informed decision. This would drastically reduce the number of discarded carts.

Avoid these mistakes and open your future flipkart in a matter of weeks and get it running too.

5 Indian E-commerce Startups that should be a Role model of every Entrepreneur

“Don’t worry about the failure.

You only have to be right once.”

-Drew Houston

The world today is buzzing with numerous startups. Reading all the success stories about the people who were just like us a few years gives inspiration to many. Here presenting 5 inspiring founders of e-commerce startups that would help you walk that extra mile to open your e-commerce store in India.

Inspiration 1: Radhika Agarwal and Sanjay Sethi, Founders ShopClues

Being the 36th entrant in India’s e-commerce market,they started operations here in 2012. Headquartered in Gurgaon, ShopClues has become a billion dollar company in a time span of less than 4 years. This itself is enough to judge the potential of e-commerce business in India. Founded by Radhika’s husband, Sandeep Aggarwal, ShopClues is now run Sanjay Sethi and Radhika Aggarwal. After becoming a household name, the “We still have miles to go before we sleep.” attitude is what you need to become the next ShopClues in India.

Inspiration 2 : Ritesh Aggarwal, CEO and Founder, OYO Rooms

One of the most valuable Internet startups in India by a college dropout, OYO Rooms transformed the face of Indian Hospitality Industry by offering standard reliable rooms. Hailing from a business family, he moved to Delhi in 2011 to start his entrepreneurial journey after deciding to skip engineering college entrance exams.


Inspiration 3 : Deep Kalra, CEO and Founder MakeMyTrip

Surviving many hurdles  and the dotcom bust, getting listed on the International Stock Exchange; MakeMyTrip was a game changer in the travel segment. Complete devotion and hard work for more than a decade and a laser sharp focus is what took him to reach the stage of an IPO and scale MakeMyTrip to this level.


Inspiration 4 : Ambareesh Murty, Co-Founder, Pepperfry

“Change is the only constant we all know”. This holds true when it comes to startups as well.  Mr. Ambareesh Murty embraces the same principle as he says, “Every plan you startup with will change.” Lesson to be learnt from him is, “You Don’t Need Much Money To Build A Good Ecommerce Biz In India.” All you need is hard work and continuous effort in this direction.


Inspiration 5 : Albinder Dhindsa, Co-founder Grofers

He highlighted the importance of a good customer experience in the longer run for and business to function. He says, “Although some initial assumptions while starting up may not be spot on. It’s important to build a supply experience for demand to generate.” A perfect example of “Luck By Chance”, Albinder, unlike many, was an accidental entrepreneur with absolutely no intentions of getting into business. But when he saw a huge gap in the market along with a lucrative opportunity, there was no going back.


So, all you “future big names”, it does not have to be in your genes to be an entrepreneur. All you need is a little patience, a strategic vision and most importantly an economically built e-commerce website.


6 Basic Steps to start an E-commerce Business in India

“We were not thinking about numbers then,

But we knew something big can be built out of e-commerce.”

-Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal

(Founders Flipkart)


Till date, there are many new e-commerce ventures in India having a huge customer base but not a single one if them are more than 5 years old. For anyone who has a base and is thinking of growing up his business, this is an enough indication to start with.

So what all basic ingredients there are to start your e-commerce business in India.

Step 1 : Let’s give it a perfect name.

Foremost thing is, it has to be remember-able. Secondly you need to set up a website so you need a domain which means memorable is fine but unique is also important. The rule is, it needs to be short, easily spell-able and re-callable without any mistake. Take for instances, the names like ola, oyo, snapdeal etc. The list is neverending. All you need is something simple but with a ‘.com’ domain.


Step 2 : Get your online store build.

Now you know the name of your store. What next? The next step is to find a professional to build your web store. This is the tricky, most confusing and the most crucial part. With the cropping of many online e-commerce platforms in India that provide you with a website on monthly subscription basis, people tend to go more for this option.

I would suggest do not join the rat race, rather look around and try to find avenues that can deliver you a professionally built website at low cost.


Step 3 : Register your e-commerce company in India

It is not very different from regular companies. Get your firm registered, this may be as an individual proprietorship or partnership or if you want to go bigger from the start than a Pvt. Ltd company, but registering a pvt. ltd. has its own disadvantages. Consult your CA before coming on to a decision. Business registration is important for an online venture for getting a payment gateway and for invoicing. Although it is not necessary. There are other ways too. There are alternatives like payumoney payment gateway, which do not require any firm registration for starting it and it can be linked with saving accounts for transactions.


Step 4 : How to get payment gateway

So now that you are registered, you need a payment gateway. There are two types of payment gateways in India:

  1. Payment gateways with no setup fees for example PayPal, Payumoney, Airpay etc.
  2. Payment gateways with setup fees for example Payu, ccavenue, directpay.

You need to submit a few documents like ID proofs, phone bills etc. for applying the payment gateway. This includes address verification. The whole process takes 10-15 working days for completion.


Step 5 : E-commerce Logistics

For this you can contact your local courier service provider like bluedart, fedex, aramex etc. These services have pan india network and the service provided by them is top-notch.  Take quotes from all the possible vendors, compare the rates before coming to a conclusion.


Step 6 : How to market your e-commerce business
Bill Gates wasn’t kidding when he said : “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” Every third person in India is coming online every second for one reason or the another. Marketing your product where people are looking is the best way to make people know about your online store. This can be done either by paid marketing like Facebook Ads, Google display ads and other web based advertisements. In order to create a base of audience, you can go for SEO and Social Media Marketing in India. Hiring a professional for this would help you achieve better results in lesser time.

Entrepreneurial Tips To Take Your Business Online And Work For Yourself

If you are stressed out with your current job and you really want to quit once and for all, you are probably considering to begin a completely new professional path. Many people who have been working as employees for years for companies of all industries, might at some point feel tired off of their life at the office.

Pros And Cons Of Working For Oneself

Working for oneself looks like becoming professionally independent, in this perspective, which has the same flavor of freedom!

Before you jump into this new professional opportunity, make sure that you’ve considered all its pros and cons. In fact, working for oneself might be absolutely satisfying because you are totally the owner of your business and you can manage it your best way. But there are also negative sides: you won’t earn the same amount of money each month (depending on your sales opportunities or market trends) and you can’t plan your future income.

An important task for you is to become more open-minded and flexible, so you can learn from the market and improve your startup business easily. You need to be able to carry out different business tasks at the same time or, if you can’t, you’d better decide to hire professionals who can help.

Navigating In A Competitive Pool

Today many land-based businesses decide to jump into the digital world of the web. E-commerce looks pretty appealing from many points of view, first of all, because it allows each business to gain worldwide visibility in their specific market. Of course, the larger your visibility, the more numerous your sales opportunities!

However, e-commerce is not a sort of commercial paradise where all of your dreams can come true – it’s also a very challenging pool to swim in if you take into account that you’ll have to face competitors from all over the world. If you want to get an idea of what a digital e-commerce business actually is and how it works, join an e-commerce platform like eBay and start to sell items as a private seller. You’ll have the chance to gain experience without having to set up an entire business.

Steps To Launch Your Digital Businesse-commerce platforms

If you see that your trial on eBay is positive, you may want to get your business started. Our best tip for you is to start from little and save money to expand gradually – you will avoid falling into debts while getting the most from your business activity.

Then, consider that all e-commerce businesses need specific tools and instruments and almost always specific professionals who can provide your business with all the necessary care and services.

  • Marketing is a most important element for all e-commerce businesses. One of the fundamentals of marketing is to learn how to manage social medias, like Facebook where you can start an ads campaign and create your business page.
  • Digital marketplaces result to be the most effective platforms to use to launch a new online store. As we suggested above, eBay is one of the best solutions, but you can also choose Amazon or even both. All platforms require you to pay a little fee on the price of each sold item, but you will gain immediate visibility and be able to sell straight away in return.
  • A website is a most essential element for all digital businesses, needless to say. Probably, one of the biggest mistakes for most first-time entrepreneurs is to underestimate the role and power of their website. The simple fact that you have a website doesn’t work as a guarantee that it will attract customers! There are technical aspects that only professionals can know, for example, where to place pictures, size and type of pictures, how to manage the website menu and how many pages to add to it and more aspects.
  • Business logo and message are both fundamental to define the uniqueness of your business. Dig into your market and see what your competitors chose as a business logo and message. Understand what makes them strong and then come up with some ideas about ways you can create an eye-catching logo and a powerful message.

Let’s Explain It With An Example!

If you sell locks and keys, make sure to know the best locksmith companies. For instance, get-locksmith is an outstanding company in this industry which offers 24/7 assistance for emergency as well as for any other locksmith service. Their website can serve as a great example of clear and simple.

As an online retailer, you may want to look at other websites as well, and check out what your competition’s websites look like. 

Tips For Ranking First In Google

Without a doubt, website owners and business managers strive to rank as high as possible in the most popular search engines. Daring to dream about reaching the highest position, on the other hand, is an unattainable desiderate for most businesses. High rankings do not occur by accident; they require hard work and a lot of sweat and diligence. Enhanced visibility, boosted sales and huge traffic to a website are all mandatory elements that can send any business in front of competitors. Even the most talented market specialists are having trouble landing those high rankings. However, no one says you cannot go higher with the help of a few smart strategies. Today we are going to reveal to you a few of the most effective ideas that could help any business go higher in Google and other large search engines.

Choose Your Niche The Right Waygoogle ranking

  • The first rule of thumb you should keep in mind is to carefully assess your direct competitors. Know exactly who you are competing against and steer clear from large businesses and brands that work with huge marketing budgets. It would take a great deal of time, money and other resources to actually get to rank higher than a giant in your industry. Instead, you should choose your niche carefully.
  • Choose well-targeted keywords and do all the necessary digging. At the end of it, you should be able to switch from a more general approach to a more customized strategy. If you are used to general keywords and phrases, use specialized terms for better results. For example, if your main marketing strategy revolves around advertising your casino online, you should instead focus on keywords that include popular slots games and beloved casino brand names in relation to the casino’s name.
  • The more specific your keywords, the simpler it will be for Google to rank them, so you should start seeing fast results. Be sure to always target the best keywords so you can go higher in the rankings, but do not overdo it and use keywords that do not actually represent you and your business in an attempt to get better results. Namely, try to steer clear from obscure keywords that no one will be looking for, for the sole purpose to see your site ranking higher. Find out what are the most common and genuine queries that people have been typing in their browser and put them to good use.
  • There are lots of Google-specialized tools you could use to search for the most relevant keywords with lots of searches. You should also throw the focus on keywords that are popular, but at the same time have little competition. As time passes by and your website gains more authority, you can move on to using keywords that are more competitive.

Optimize Your Content

Going niche and picking the most suitable keywords and keyword phrases are only the first step toward success. Next, you need to start using these keywords in all the right places on your website pages. It is best to avoid using too many repetitive keywords, as you will be only lowering your credibility in the eyes of site visitors. Instead, make sure to use your keywords in the URL, in the title tags, heading titles and image tags, as well as all throughout the content. Just make sure not to abuse of the keywords in your website content and blog. Search engines and readers alike prefer relevant and content in the detriment of forced content that seems generated almost automatically.

If you plan on advertising your real money online casinos make sure that you add fresh and comprehensive content that is interesting and easy to read. Do it on a constant basis, a few times a week or several times a month and keep passionate gamblers and rookies alike close. Keep them updated with the latest news in the industry, tell them about the latest winners and the games that brought them their wins, give them tips and advice on how to improve their gameplay and so on.

Newsletters, blog posts, specialty articles, statistics or infographics – whatever you think will draw their attention and make them come back to your platform as often as possible. The more regular your new content on your site, the better you will rank in Google. Focus on images and videos as well and basically all type of content that is high-quality and can add value.

More new content on your site equals the use of more keywords, which translates to extra chances for a search engine to return your website in people’s search results. Plus, more content means more inbound links that will also aid you rank higher. Consider guest posting on popular sites or generating evergreen content bloggers might want to link to.


Our 8 Tips To Make Your Online Business Grow With Few Money

Business requires financial support – this is possibly one of the very first things that you learned as a new entrepreneur or business owner. Yeah, it’s true… money is what makes the business world go round… Now, the fact is that new startup businesses need extra help, in the beginning, so they can establish their role in their market and grow over time. And, growth is a matter of how you use your capital to make your business grow and expand.

You Can’t Afford To Waste Money!

So, the first rule to learn is that you can’t really afford to waste a cent of your money, especially if you are at the first steps of your business venture. You need to reach your goals while competing with existing bigger companies in your market without spending a fortune.

Do you think that’s almost impossible? Well, there’s good news for you: it’s possible! All you have to focus on is how you can save money, how you can boost your financial capital without wasting it in useless business services that you don’t need at the moment and how you can make the most of your money.

It’s a strict rule, we know, but it’s the most effective and realistic way to succeed in the wild and not-always-sweet world of business.

Going Ahead With A Small Budget

Understand that a tight budget is not necessarily an insufficient budget – it can be transformed into an effective amount of money to use for business, it’s up to you and to your skills!

At this point, you might seriously need some tips to help you grow your newborn business over time.

  1. Online platform: focus on the virtual universe of the web, it’s where you can find most of your sales opportunities. It’s necessary that you have a well-designed website: you can use WordPress (it powers about 1 out of three commercial websites). Consider also that each hosting company offers its own services and benefits, so do some research and then compare results to find out the best hosting company for your goals.grow your business
  2. Prefer functionalities over complex design for your business website. It’s been proven that visitors are visually attracted by websites that look harmonious. In other words, choose a simple design with one or no more than two colors and very essential shapes/lines/pattern. Place a few basic functions on your website, for example for payments or for social sharing.
  3. Your visitors may want to contact you, so allow them to use intuitive functions to get in touch. Provide your business with appropriate cloud services, in order to offer 24/7 Customer Service and other services that might turn out to be crucial to customer care.
  4. Set up an SEO strategy to get better results in terms of visibility. Today, all online businesses have to face their competitors in the virtual world of the web, so don’t hesitate to contact professionals who can help build up a serious and strong SEO strategy to support your rising business over time.
  5. People want to find updates and news about your business – that’s a matter of fact, regardless of the type of market where you are working. So, provide your website with a blog page where you can upload written content and audio or video content for your visitors. Make a list of blog post ideas and select the most effective ideas for your goals.
  6. Go social to improve your traffic and to make your business reach a larger pool of potential customers. Today social channels like Facebook or Twitter represent the top number 1 solutions to choose when it comes to effective growth in visibility. Keep in mind that when someone likes your social profile, they tend to share and recommend it to their friends: now, multiply this over and over and you’ll understand the importance of going social for new businesses.
  7. In addition, you might also want to join partners to grow faster. Affiliate partner programs result to be extremely helpful to reach this specific goal. In the same time or as an alternative to affiliate partner programs, you might also be interested in taking part in online communities, like Quora, TripAdvisor and many more.
  8. Finally, if you have a land-based office or shop, make sure that it looks welcoming to your customers. Check also your commercial door locks and your security system: sometimes, business owners forget to upgrade these elements. These exceptionally skilled locksmiths can help you take your office/shop to the next level.