The Android N developer preview is out and it is as good as anticipated. Google has though surprisingly released its Android N developer preview much earlier than expected. The major reason behind it is to incorporate the suggestions of the developers in the final version of Android N. This OS is compatible with Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9, and Pixel C.  For these devices one can easily install the developer preview and also from this year onwards the updates to the developer preview shall be pushed over the air just like the stable builds. Google did not fail to mention that the released features are not the only features in this version of Android and more features will be added over the time.


Amongst the changes in this version of Android, we have first of all the “direct reply notification”, wherein the developers can allow the users to reply to the messages straight from the notifications. Earlier, on receiving a notification you had to go to the particular app in order to reply to the message but now you can easily reply to the text from the notification bar itself. Android N also provides the feature of bundling together the features from the same App, together.


After Windows and IOS, Google has finally stocked its Android N version with the split screen view. This feature in the developer preview works mostly with the Google Apps.  This feature isn’t that useful on a Smartphone, however it can work very well on a tablet.


Further with Android Marshmallow, Google has introduced an improved doze feature, wherein the background activities are stopped when the display is off even if the device is not stationary. Amazing feature! Isn’t it? Thus this feature has been enhanced to save more and more of battery power. Another important feature which the developers can look forward to is the improved Java 8 language support.


The settings app has also undergone some advanced changes. All the main menu items have a description below, so the battery menu will show you the remaining battery, the storage menu will show the remaining storage. There are some new options also available, such as the data saver, which reduces the consumption of the data for the background apps when one is using data pack instead of using Wi-Fi.


At the end with all the new amazing features and the features that are yet to be added to this version, the major surprise is still that what funky name does the N stand for, hopefully nothing too sweet this time.