4 Golden Lessons That Will Transform You Into A Smarter Digital Marketer

One of the most crucial aspects in working as a digital marketer consists in a deep understanding of the client’s goals. In fact, not all clients have the same goals and also not all client have the same expectations. Therefore, it’s fundamental to be able to meet each client’s exact needs.

Easy Introduction To Your Job As A Digital MarketerDigital Marketer

  1. First of all, digital marketers have to dedicate their initial efforts in talking to the client in order to understand what the client is seeking. Financially speaking, this translates into different financial efforts by the client – so, it’s better for you to be aware of how much the client is likely to spend for a digital campaign.

  2. Secondly, a smart digital marketer should identify the most appropriate solutions to each client’s goals. Sometimes, this part of the job may require all of your skills to “invent” new solutions that suits the client’s situation.

  3. Never forget to produce insightful reporting, which is a good step to building stronger relationships with your clients. From a good professional relationship, you can expect to find efficient solutions in a reasonably simpler way (exactly because you do know your client’s needs).

After this short 3-point introduction, it’s time to take a look at these valuable digital marketing lessons that will boost your work from day 1.

Best Digital Marketing Lessons To Learn

It’s important to use all the available resources the right way. Although a few years ago there were some people who believed that SEO was going to die, it seems that today things are much different:

  1. SEO techniques have been evolving and developing more, following marketing trends. Moreover, Google is refining its systems to help SEO work effectively with optimization and inbound links, that are responsible for a better visibility in the search results of Google.
    As a digital marketer, all you have to do is to make sure that your client’s website is working properly, sending correct and precise signals to search engines. An extra tip: take advantage of links as an important element of your digital marketing strategy to promote and build online relationships with other partners.

  2. The virtual community that can be developed in the web is another important factor which contributes to the success of a website or, in other words, of your client’s website. In order to create a community you can promote sharing of websites, web pages or external links. You may also suggest your client to join existing communities and make mnew partners in there. As a member of a community, you can promote or join charity events or sponsorships or other programs.

  3. What you need to skyrocket your client’s website is a rich visitor experience. In fact, even a billion dollar advertising  campaign will be pretty much useless if your landing pages are a poor visitor experience. So, try to optimize your visitor’s experience on the client’s website first. Then, once you see that you succeeded in your goal, move ahead and get your marketing strategy started. You may want to use appropriate testing tools to see is an element or feature of the website is actually enhancing the visitor’s experience or not. Generally, you will take only a few minutes to identify the effectiveness of a certain element or feature.

  4. Understand as a digital marketer that if you can’t measure something, then you can’t improve it either. This is a precious rule that you’d better keep in mind now on. When it comes to improvements, you need to have real systems to improve the product, otherwise your job won’t exist – and your client is wasting their money! Provide your client with a throughout analytics audit to understand how the website is performing and what you can actually do to take it to the next level.

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